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On the 25th A nationwide demo is to take place in June 2022

After the day of action on 06. In December 2021, Chancellor wrote to me (I'm not sure if it's not: Chancellor Mr. Olaf Scholz)

Olaf Scholz, that he became aware of us through our loud action before the Federal Chancellery and that he will get in touch about an appointment. Unfortunately, this has not happened to this day.

He also did not respond to a new letter from me.

I'm slowly getting tired of waiting, so I'm now planning a permanent vigil / protest camp/ hunger strike and a peaceful demonstration from the 11th. June to 16. July 2022.

The topic continues to be the implementation of full participation in social life in all areas. Whether politics, culture, or sport.

Inclusion and accessibility must finally be enforced so that we people with (hearing) disabilities can live independently!

With this action, I call on politicians to talk.

On the 25th A nationwide demo is to take place in June 2022.

In Berlin, the demo will start at the main station at 12:00. On foot it goes to the government district.

We will also invite politicians in the hope that they will not only make empty speeches.

We want to demonstrate peacefully and hope for numerous supporters

Be there and fight for better participation for everyone!

It would be nice if you could support us and come.

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