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I support the Steffen Helbing Foundation because there is hardly a harder fate than seeing nothing, hearing or not being able to speak. If these people are also marginalized, they are completely lost. Here, the Steffen Helbing Foundation points out grievances and makes them public. Only when society is informed about the injustices that those affected suffer every day can remedy be provided. Therefore, it is a personal concern for me to put the Steffen Helbing Foundation more in the focus of the public and to appreciate its work accordingly.

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I support the Steffen Helbing Stiftung in its fight for equal participation of all deaf and deaf- blind people.

Through colleagues, I came into contact with deaf people for the first time. Communication is very difficult for someone who does not understand sign language. 

I don't want to imagine how all those feel who are marginalized because nobody understands them.

After more than 13 years of active voluntary work in the German Red Cross, it is my personal concern to eliminate this injustice and to support Steffen Helbing with his foundation.

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Stiftungskonto bei der DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Foundation account with DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG: 

Steffen Helbing • IBAN: DE89 1203 0000 1013 43 05 72 • BIC: BELADEM1001 

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